The Starfish Class




EVERY 3 MONTHS ON A SATURDAY/SUNDAY 10:30-4:30PM - San Francisco, CA

Let there be light… and dark – embrace your humanity.

Feel, reveal, and share the at-times harder-to-reach places in your being. It’s a very safe space to play with feeling and expressing your experience in a way that you might not usually arrive at on your own. It increases your vitality/power and provides more safety for getting out of your head, giving up attachment to self-criticism, giving up the need to fix the moment (or fix anything!), being more in your experience, feeling more, and owning more of who you really are.

Participants spend some time sitting in a “circle” and some time doing mantras in smaller groups (something like a Buddhist mantra, but in English). In the larger circle, Jeremy works with people one-on-one or people will share with the group as he supports. There is also some Meisner repetition exercise in a group format (usually as a way to close the day).

Jeremy is forever grateful to his teacher Marc Daniels who inspired the Starfish Workshops. Without his trailblazing and impeccable support, the classes wouldn’t exist.


$450 ($400 early-signup). For first-time signups, include your email address in the payment “memo” and Jeremy will contact you to schedule a free 20-minute Zoom intro.

Please note that there are no refunds and that there is an hour-and-a-half break for lunch.